Woot! Global Game Jam Postmortem

This past weekend, I participated in Global Game Jam. My group of five created Woot, a puzzle game programmed in C++/DirectX 11.

Overall, the event went awesomely. I definitely did not expect to have as much fun as I did!

Some observations:

  • We spent a longer time than I thought we would hammering out a game concept. The theme for this year was “Extinction,” and that’s all we had to go on. I’m accustomed to having more restrictions on game concepts, or at least walking into a project with some idea of what’s going to happen. With Global Game Jam, we started with a completely blank slate. Though it was more of a challenge, I liked it!
  • We surprisingly ended up going with C++ and DirectX 11 for our game, rather than something simpler, primarily because our game required rotating the entire game level. One of my group members had a basic game engine built from an earlier project which allowed us to do this relatively easily compared to trying to hack something together in, say, XNA.
  • Our group was mentioned in the Democrat and Chronicle’s article on the game jam. Score!
  • We ended up with surprisingly awesome art assets. Ben Snyder (one of my group members) managed to create some pretty cool sounds and images for our game!
  • Even though the event is only 48 hours, getting enough sleep would have made things a thousand times easier for me. Skimping out on sleep ultimately does not actually net you more productivity.

Overall, I had a great time, and I definitely plan to take part in Global Game Jam next year!


One thought on “Woot! Global Game Jam Postmortem

  1. rodon

    Seems like you know what you are talking about. I’m a high school teacher and I can really use this for my current course. Thanks!


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