Bloop! (Global Game Jam == Success!)

I could go on about what makes our game Bloop so awesome, but instead, I’ll show you this:

Adorable picture of Bloop the Axolotl

This is Bloop the axolotl. Bloop is utterly adorable, and you’ll make Bloop very sad if you don’t try our game out! [sadface] Of course, unless you have a developer unlocked Windows Phone or are willing to run the game in the Windows Phone emulator, you’ll have to wait a bit until Bloop is available in the marketplace! I’ll update this post with a link as soon as we’re certified. [EDIT: Bloop is now free to download in the Windows Phone marketplace!] In the meantime, check out our project page on the Global Game Jam site!

This year, we approached Global Game Jam quite differently. Our team was a solid six people – three programmers and three artists. We also used a pretty simple game concept (as opposed to testing some crazy new game mechanic), and rather than stressing ourselves out by trying to cram as much dev time as possible into the weekend, we took everything at a relaxed pace and just had fun with it! In the end, we ended up with an amazingly polished game. We have awesome artwork, a tutorial, menus, really awesome artwork, high scores that save to the phone (and thus persist across sessions), some absolutely amazing artwork… have I mentioned our artists did an incredible job? Overall, I’d say this game jam was a huge success! We were able to spend a lot of time polishing the game, and it turned out utterly fantastic.

Here’s a photo of our team after an exciting weekend of programming, art creation, design and mountains of pizza, subs and soda:

Team photo of Team Bloop from Global Game Jam 2012

Team Bloop

If you’ve never done a game jam/hackathon/other equivalent event, I highly recommend doing so! The first ones that come to mind for games are Global Game Jam and Ludum Dare, but by no means are those the only options. If you can, try and find something in your area, or coordinate something with your friends on your own. The experience is second to none.


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