Working Abroad as a Student

As of about a month ago, I’ve been interning at Wooga in Berlin, Germany. If you haven’t considered working abroad, I highly recommend it!"Berlin!" mural from the Berlin Wall east side gallery.

But what if you can only speak English? You’re not as limited as you might think: Out of three RIT students currently in Berlin working abroad, I’m the only one who came here with any knowledge of German. A number of companies use English as their primary working language, Wooga included. Don’t get me wrong – knowing German can be quite helpful – but you can absolutely get by without it in a city like Berlin. Of course, not everyone wants to live in a country that doesn’t speak their native language. Even then, you have plenty of options. If you speak English, you could work in Australia, the UK, the USA… there’s no reason to limit yourself!

So, all that being said, why work abroad? In my case, I originally wanted to study abroad, but I couldn’t afford it and it never fit well into my schedule. With an internship, however, the cost of my flight was reimbursed, and I’m getting enough pay to cover my costs of living. Though I don’t really need more course credits, I have no problem taking time to get practical work experience. You still get to experience a new culture, practice a foreign language, and see a completely new part of the world, but without the monumental cost that normally goes along with studying abroad.

Take some time to think about working in another part of the world. Though it’ll take a bit of time to adjust to the new culture, and you might feel overwhelmed at first, it’s the kind of experience that will change your life.


One thought on “Working Abroad as a Student

  1. Isis Quinones

    I am so Glad you made it! I believe you are a great student and always focus on what you want to accomplish. Best of Luck.


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