Work environments: Wooga vs Zynga

Wooga company logoZynga company logo

A lot of people have asked me to compare working at Wooga versus working at Zynga. In terms of the work itself, though both companies use agile software development techniques (morning stand-ups, short sprints, etc.), Wooga usually has small teams whereas Zynga usually has large teams. As a consequence of this, Wooga has a focus on minimizing overhead and keeping teams small and focused (woo!), albeit at the cost of a structure lacking where you sometimes might want one. Zynga, on the other hand, has a more structured work environment as a consequence of larger teams needing more organization and having larger code bases. Zynga’s structure and organization were overall a good thing; it never felt overbearing or frustrating when I worked on ChefVille. I never personally experienced issues with crunch at either company.

Culturally, there are a few differences. When it comes to Wooga, I feel like there’s a specific type of personality that really fits in well. At Zynga, there is a lot of variety from team to team, so whether you’re the quiet-and-focused type or the open-and-relaxed sort of individual, there’s probably a team you’d fit well on. Wooga is also a much smaller company – a couple hundred employees compared to the few thousand at Zynga. Wooga also hires a lot of employees internationally; roughly half of the company’s employees are from outside of Germany. As a consequence of half the employees moving to another country to work there, almost everyone at Wooga was pretty open to meeting people, going out for food or a few drinks, playing at board game nights, etc. Ultimately, I felt a lot closer to my coworkers at Wooga. Don’t get me wrong, my coworkers were pretty awesome at Zynga as well, but it was the difference between “people I get along well with” and “people I hang out with on a regular basis”.

I felt as though I personally fit in better at Wooga, but overall, both companies were pretty awesome to work for.


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