OUYA CREATE Game Jam: 3 days to go!

I’ve spent the better part of this week working on a prototype for the OUYA CREATE game jam with my friend Dan Whiddon (Redsting Games). We also have a forum thread on OUYAForum.com along with another on the official OUYA forums!

The long-term game idea is a hack ‘n slash similar to the Gauntlet series. I have a lot of fond memories playing games like Gauntlet: Dark Legacy with my friends and with my dad, so it was the natural choice for a fun console game to make! Given the CREATE game jam is only 10 days long, though, we came up with a few constraints/goals to keep things in check:

  • Shoot for 2-5mins of polished gameplay. Quality over quantity.
  • Fight in an arena rather than along a level, as we likely won’t have time to make a good level for content.
  • End either when the player(s) die (high score?), or after a boss fight that goes into a teaser screen
  • Focus on making gameplay fun over making new features. This mostly means focusing on combat mechanics.
  • Plan to throw the code away afterward and re-write it. Let the prototype be exactly that: a prototype, not the final product. This will let us throw in hacks and work-arounds as needed without spending too much time on code cleanliness, which will help a lot with the short deadline.

Overall, our progress has been pretty awesome! I only had limited experience with Unity3D before now, but I’ve been amazed at how easy it is to use. Even as a newbie, you can pretty much blunder your way through the interface and API and still be incredibly productive.

We’ve got three days left in the game jam: time to make the most of it!


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