Wooga Fighter (ActionScript 3)

July 2012 – August 2012 | Project Length: 3 weeksWooga Fighter intro screen

A 2D fighting game written in ActionScript. Implemented game states, sounds, KO and game over screens, and in-fight HUD. Helped build an arcade machine for the game. Game created with one partner.

Project Goals & Requirements

We simply wanted a fun game to be playable on the new arcade machine we were building. As it was for our team area decoration contest, we decided to make a clone of a popular arcade game but with Wooga-themed art.

Personal Accomplishments

  • Developed game states and flow during fights, e.g. K.O. visuals, “Round one… fight!” introductions, etc.
  • Implemented HUD during fights
  • Implemented sound
  • Helped build an arcade cabinet for the game
  • Performed voice acting for the game’s announcer

Lessons Learned

  • Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a crowd drawn to your game and watching everybody get excited.
  • Refining gameplay can be tough when working with an external system. Thankfully, the arcade machine the game was developed for just has a PC inside, and the controls are attached via USB and easily removed. However, without getting a separate set of arcade controls for every developer, only one person at a time can play and test the game with the ‘correct’ control layout.

You can also read a mini-postmortem on the Wooga website!


Source code: Not publicly available due to using Wooga IP in the game – sorry!


Wooga intro Wooga Fighter intro screen  Versus Screen fight 

Arcade Machine

The arcade machine in action!