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Current Goals

With fall quarter classes coming to an end, I’ve had time to unwind and start thinking about my current short-term goals:

  • Learn Lua – I have heard nothing but good things about Lua, and it seems to come up frequently with games. When one also considers that the first edition of Programming in Lua is legally available for free online, teaching myself the language is definitely something I plan to do in the near future!
  • Get a taste of DirectX – Having worked in XNA, and after getting a brief introduction to OpenGL, introducing myself to DirectX seems like the next logical step. Although I don’t plan on attempting to master it in the immediate future, I would like to learn the basics and reach the point where it does not intimidate me, at the least 🙂
  • Stay up to date on Games Industry news – I’ve been making a point to read Gamasutra and The Escapist daily to stay on top what’s going on in the Games Industry
  • Play (and analyze) a new game at least every other day – In an effort to both improve my knowledge of what games are out there and to improve my ability to analyze games, I’m going to push myself to play and analyze a new game at least every other day. If I can spare even 15-20 minutes every day or two to trying out a new game, I should definitely be able to pull this one off. I also plan on posting my analysis of the games on this blog!